Over the last decade of managing properties and tenancies we’ve found there are a few common faults that tenants may come across.

We’ve made this handy list for you to check should you come have any of these issues during your tenancy.


If you’re having issues with the main oven not heating up it could be a simple issue.


  • The clock is set
  • On a free standing oven with an analogue clock, is the little hand showing next to the clock?


If the bulb blows and you’ve fitted a new bulb that still isn’t working.


  • The new bulb in a fitting with an already working bulb
  • If the bulb still doesn’t go, you’ve got a faulty bulb, not a faulty light fitting


When you move into the property the power will still likely be on.


  • You’ve given your power company a call and set up your own power connection
  • You’ve given the power company an opening reading.
  • If the power isn’t working and the smart meter is showing “Disconnected”, your
    connection hasn’t been set up and you’ll need to get in touch with your power
  • If power is only working in some rooms and not others could mean a blown fuse or
    tripped RCD. Check the fuse box in this instance.
  • If power has gone out to the whole house, first check to see if the neighbours have
    power, it could be a power cut in the area and in this instance, it’s a case of “waiting it


If you discover you have no hot water and you’re on an electric hot water cylinder.


  • Has anyone had a long shower recently, or have multiple people showered? Could
    they have used all of the hot water?
  • Is the cylinder cold to touch?
  • Has the cylinder been switched off accidentally?
  • If you’ve checked all of these and there are no obvious causes, it could be the thermostat
    and you’re best to give us a call.

If you’re on gas hot water.


  • Is there power to your Infinity Unit?
  • If you have gas bottles, are they empty?
  • Has the pilot light gone out under the gas cylinder


If you have a leak in the ceiling this could be caused by a number of things, including:

  • Blocked gutters
  • Cracked roof tiles
  • Worn roof screws
  • Leaking pipes
  • A really heavy downpour

If you do have a leak let us know as soon as possible. Occasionally it can be that heavy rain has been driven in by strong winds and the leak won’t appear again, however we always like to check.

Please note: due to Health and Safety roofers and maintenance people will not attempt to repair issues with a roof or blocked gutters until the weather clears.

The leak will need to be managed until it’s safe for our tradies to attend.


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