We’ve listed a few handy tips to help the move into your new home go smoothly.


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Rent Payments

Please ensure you set up your rent payment via automatic payment. This means the payment will come out on the same day every week so you’ll never get an arrears letter from us AND it helps you budget.

We’d also appreciate ONE rent payment per household so if you can nominate one person to make the full rent payment each week this helps us reconcile the payments quickly.


Regular inspections happen 4 times a year. You’ll receive notice via email 7 – 14 days before your inspection is due.

You do not need to be home for the inspection, all we ask is that the property is clean and tidy when we visit. If you have any maintenance items, please leave a list on the kitchen bench – better yet, pop us through an email with a description and photos as soon as something comes up so we can sort it for you sooner.

Here are some of the things we check during an inspection:

  • Stove/Oven, appliances are all clean
  • Rangehood filters are clean
  • Carpets/floors are vacuumed or swept
  • All lightbulbs are working
  • Lawns and Gardens are tidy and maintained
  • Windows and windowsills are clean and there are no cracks or breakage
  • No internal damage to walls or doors
  • No dripping taps or visible leaks
  • No rubbish around the property or damage to fences and paths
  • Smoke Alarms MUST be up and having working batteries


It’s a good idea as a tenant to have Insurance. Content insurance protects your belongings and Personal Liability Insurance will protect you from damage that happens to the property that may be deemed careless by yourselves or your guests.

The Residential Tenancies Act states that tenants (or their invited guests) are liable for damage that is caused intentionally or by being careless.


Help! I’ve got an emergency!

As always, if a life is in danger, call the emergency services by dialling 111.

If it’s an emergency at the property, for example a pipe has burst and there is water EVERYWHERE, call us and make sure you leave a message if we don’t answer. Calling us numerous times without leaving a message won’t make us get back to you any sooner.

NOTE: If the issue can wait until the next business day and is not causing damage to the property then please send us an email or call us the following morning. We love you guys, however we love our family time too!

 Emergency Maintenance that we should be made aware of straight away:

  • Hot water tank is leaking and there is visible water on the floor (turn water off to the property and empty the tank by turning on the hot taps)
  • You find sewerage or waste in the yard from a blocked drain – if you notice drains backing up or gurgling inside the property, please let us know so that we can avoid it getting to this point
  • Anything health and safety related that needs assistance immediately

I’ve found a few general maintenance items, what do I do?

Let us know as soon as something happens, don’t save it all up for inspection time. If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it.
An email with supporting photos is always a good idea.

I’ve locked myself out

If you do lock yourself out of the property, or you lose your keys, please give us a call. Our downtime is important to us, however we also don’t want to see you left in the cold and rain.

I’m about to tell you I can’t pay my rent

Firstly, if you find yourself behind in your rent payments it’s much better to come clean than for us to find out afterwards!
Please get in touch if you think you may not be able to pay your rent. We’re reasonable people, however rent should always be a top priority. It’s keeping a roof over your head after all.

This is our rent arrears process:

  • 1-2 days late – we’ll text or call you and ask you to sort the rent payments
  • 4 days late – you’ll receive a 14 day notice to remedy your rent issue
  • 6 days late – an application to Tenancy Tribunal will be made. If this continues to get out of hand, this can lead to termination of your tenancy.

Call us first!

What happened to my week in advance?

Your rent is paid in advance when your tenancy starts. This money isn’t held in a trust to be used like a bond, it actually covers your first week living in the property. 

“Rent in Advance” is like filling up a petrol tank – you pay for the petrol to fill your tank and then you use it up.

Paying your rent in advance works the same way – you pay your rent (on a Monday for example) for the week coming, and you live in the property, then your rent is due again on the following Monday for the next week coming and so on….

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are required within 3 metres of every bedroom and there must be at least one on each level of a multi-storey/level house. If your smoke alarm starts to go flat, it will beep periodically. Please change the batteries in the alarm. This is the tenant’s responsibility.

Giving Notice

If you’re in a Periodic Tenancy, you need to give at least 28 days notice in writing. If you’re leaving a Fixed Term tenancy, you’ll need to inform us that you will NOT be renewing your tenancy at least 28 days before that end date.

What happens if I need to break my lease or change a tenant?

We know that from time to time circumstances change and can be out of your control. We have options available to you, however there may be a cost for these. Please get in touch with your Property Manager and they can have a chat with you and discuss the best option for both yourself and the Landlord.

Where can I find out the status of my application?

Once you have completed both Stage 1 and 2 of your Renti application, we’ll be in touch with the outcome of your application within a few days. It really helps us speed up the process if your references know to expect a call from us so put the word out to your references when you apply and let them know we’ll be in touch asap!

What are the move in costs?

When you’re moving into a property, we’ll ask you to pay 4 weeks bond and your first weeks rent in advance. Allow for 5 weeks rent when you’re moving house.


You’ve given notice! We’re sad to see you go!

At the end of your tenancy, you’ll want your bond back quickly, moving can be an expensive time! Firstly, you need to get ready for your Exit Inspection. This involves making sure your belongings have been removed and the property has been left in a clean and tidy condition on or before your last day in the property.

  • Leave the property in a clean and tidy condition
  • Remove all of your furniture and belongings from the property by your tenancy end date
  • Remove all rubbish from the property and dispose of it
  • Double check your Entry Inspection and check any chattels listed remain at the property
  • Mow the lawns and tidy the gardens by your tenancy end date
  • Make sure the rent is fully paid and up to date

If your property isn’t ready for an Exit Inspection, you may be charged extra rent until the property is 100% ready.

If it all seems a little overwhelming, we have some handy tradespeople that we can recommend and who won’t charge you the earth. Just give us a call to find out more.

We’ve also designed this handy checklist to ensure your bond gets refunded to you in full and quick smart.


Lawns – make sure lawns are mowed and tidy
Gardens – ensure weeds are pulled and any grass clippings and rubbish have been removed
Oil Spillage – check and clean carport and garage floors, paths and driveways
Cigarette Butts – please don’t leave these lying around. Pick these up and remove them
Garage tools and appliances – remember to check the garage and any garden sheds for your tools


Walls – clean off any marks or scuffs, finger or food marks
Doorways and frames – clean any finger marks
Ceilings – remove any cobwebs and fly dirt. Check the kitchen and bathroom for grease and mould and clean this off too
Light Fittings – clean off dust and remove any dead insects. Check all bulbs are working
Skirting Boards – wipe these down with a damp cloth
Windows and Sills – wipe these and remove any dead insects or mould in the runners. A vacuum cleaner will make this job easier
Oven/Stove – give these a good clean, pay attention to the racks, glass door and the trays under the elements
Rangehood – clean the greasy filters, these are usually dishwasher safe so can make the job easier
Bathroom – clean sink, mirror, cabinet, vanity unit and drawers, shower recess, glass screen doors, bath and wall tiles. Don’t forget the extractor fan
Toilet – clean cistern, seat, bowl inside and outside and around the base. Don’t forget the skirting and areas behind the toilet – And PLEASE, take your toilet brush with you!
Laundry – clean the inside and outside of the laundry basin and the wall and floor behind the washing machine/drier
Heatpump – front vents and filters need to be cleaned of built up dirt and grease
HRV ceiling duct vents – please clean around these if they’re dusty
Cupboards and drawers – give these a vacuum out first and then wipe down. That way you’ll get all the pesky bits stuck in the corners
Blinds – clean off blind slats
Floors – vacuum all floors, mop all hard floors and pay attention to the corners


Once you’ve ticked off the list, you might want to double-check that you have also done the following:

  • Take a note of readings so you can close off your accounts and inform your power, and gas providers. Don’t disconnect the power.
  • Redirect or disconnect your phone and internet.
  • Redirect mail to your new address.
  • Check you haven’t packed any appliance manuals or the fibre box cable (this one happens a lot!).
  • Please leave all sets of keys you were given at the beginning of your tenancy. There may be a charge for any missing keys/swipes/fobs or remotes.

If you have any questions around your bond, please call your Property Manager or Tenancy Services on 0800 737 666.


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